Il Racconto dell'Eroe

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Beloved Audience!
It was the best of times, it was the worst of time, it was the age of barbarism, the epoch of belief. And unto this, a child was born by the name of An-War. Neither son of a king nor a god, fate had still chosen a unique path for the child.
Let a humble chronicler tell thee of his saga .....

On 10th of September 2015, a storyteller visited players' cities and offered to tell a story of a mighty hero named An-War. Everybody who listened to the full tale and managed to complete all the 10 quests of the quest line, received an exclusive reward - a new residential building:

Speaker's Corner with an additional effect of an attack boost that increases the strength of all units when attacking.

In memory of one of Forge of Empires creators - Anwar.